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Get Ready to Hunt

Make your hunting excursions more exciting and beneficial with our exclusive range of hunting accessories.

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All Types of Outdoor Adventure Gear in Rocky Mountain House

Everything you need for outdoor adventure under one roof! Conveniently located on Highway 11 in Rocky Mountain House, we carry quality brands for camping, hunting & fishing trips. Locally owned and operated, Tackle and Trails Ltd is the #1 shop in the West Country for great outdoor adventure gear and excellent service. We are in our 7th year of business and our store is the last stop before you start your journey to the mountains.

Portrait of a Griffon Korthals retrieving a duck

Whether you choose to hunt for recreational or commercial reasons, proper hunting gear is a game-changer.

A father and a son enjoying fishing in a saltwater lake

Do you know that proper fishing gear can help reduce the unwanted impact on the marine ecosystem?

A couple enjoying camping with bonfire and hot drinks in the lap of nature

Whether you want to reconnect with nature or strengthen bonds with your loved ones, camping with the right gear is something you cannot miss.

A girl aiming her target with archery bow and arrows

Get the most out of your target and 3D shooting game when you have the best archery supplies readily available.

Elk with huge antlers in Rocky Mountains

We have excellent trapping supplies with secret formulas that will trap the target animal.

A smiling man prepping his own barbeque meal in an open park

Preparing a delicious BBQ meal in an outdoor space is a fantasy for many people, and we make it possible.

A black modern bow

Quality Archery Services

Tackle and Trails Ltd is the only archery supply store between Edmonton and Calgary. We carry quality brands like APA, PSE, plus all the archery accessories for hunting and 3D shooting.


Our archery services include:

  • Bow repair
  • String replacement
  • New bow setup
  • Bow tuning
  • Arrow cutting

Hunting and fishing licences available.

Our Store


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What Our Customers Say

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Great Staff


“Great place for hunting, fishing, and trapping. A lot of selection. Great staff and very knowledgeable. Will stop by and shop again.”


-Morrell P.

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